Austin Summer Camp at Franklin Music Academy

Austin Summer Camp

Franklin Music Academy has developed a fun and high energy summer camp for kids ages 6 to 12. Activities like dance and yoga are included to enhance movement with music. By the end of the week kids will be performing songs in a band. No music experience required!

Austin Private Music Lessons at Franklin Music Academy

Private Music Lessons

There are several reasons why private music lessons are perfect for yourself or your child. Personal one-on-one instruction is always a great way to get the attention you need without distractions. At the Franklin Music Academy, our instructor(s) have experience in customizing lesson plans for your needs in an environment that doesn't feel overwhelming.

Austin Group Music Lessons at Franklin Music Academy

Group Music Lessons

What are the chances of making memories like this ever again?! Bonding with peeps over music has been a favorite past time since forever. Group music lessons are a great way to relax and enjoy music while learning a thing or 2 at the same time.







  What you get out of life comes directly from the hard work you put into it.

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Franklin Music Academy

Forging our own path into a life with music and creativity was based on necessity. Like most people, we believe that life should be satisfying full of meaning and purpose. After years of careful planning we couldn't ignore our nagging desires any longer and took a risk to start a business. We are happy with our decision to educate others at the Franklin Music Academy and have no regrets.

Since inception in 2010, we have been completely committed to our student's development in music. If you are searching for music lessons in South Austin with instructor(s) that have an amazing track record then look no more. Instructor(s) at our music school provide a fun learning environment that allows students to express themselves through many genres. 

Our music lessons have benefited kids at school and in so many ways. Approximately half of our clients have been with us for several years because we have an established results-driven 'low-key' environment that parents love. Whether you want your child to enrich their life with music as a hobby or pursue music professionally we can take you there one note at a time.


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