Drum Lessons

drum lessons
The Franklin Music Academy is unique in integrating the drum lessons with the beginning group guitar lessons. Drum students learn their craft as members of an ensemble. The lesson itself can be taught privately or in a group with other instruments. Either way, the drum student’s performance at our events will more than likely be part of a band.

When to start Drum Lessons

Typically, we recommend that kids start drum lessons at age 7. Most kids at this age are tall enough to touch the foot petals on the set. Of course, other factors come into play when it comes to a child’s ability. We offer a free consultation to all of our students to ensure that we find the right instrument.

Drum lessons embodies the art of coordination. This does not mean that if your child is awkward and nonathletic that you can cross drumming off the list. Drum lessons may help your child’s coordination and sensory by developing the skill of drum play.

Students are given specific tasks to accomplish in accordance with the style and complexity of the songs the guitar groups are working on. Through this approach, drum students can feel like a member of the band as they practice. Before you know it your child will have developed the coordination and limb independence necessary to execute most basic drum patterns, fills, and rudiments.