Group Guitar Lessons


Group guitar lessons are by far the most effective way of getting young beginners to build the confidence they need in order to perform in front of others.  At the Franklin Music Academy, we have turned the group lesson into an art form.  We don't enroll more than four students per each group.  These students learn together, practice together, and perform for each other in every class.  The classes are cheaper than the average private lesson and they produce 10 times the results.  If you live in Austin, then signing your kid up for our group guitar lessons course is a "no-brainer."

   Getting Started

The emphasis throughout the first year of group guitar lessons is on developing the technical facility needed to navigate the fretboard.  This is done through introducing basic chord playing right away.  Each student is also encouraged to use his/her singing voice as much as possible.  By the end of the first few months of group guitar lessons, each student will be able to sing and play a couple dozen songs utilizing all of the basic open chords on the guitar.  You'll be amazed at how much their singing improves after just a few months of our group guitar lessons.

Group Guitar Lessons & Reading Standard Notation

More advanced students learn to read music through playing in an ensemble.  They are assigned parts of an arrangement according to their capabilities and work together with others in the group creating a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.  Just think of middle school orchestra - it's the same concept except a little smaller and everyone's holding a guitar.  Various genres and styles of music are explored ranging from baroque to modern rock.

Join the fun and start your group guitar lessons today!


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