Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons - Franklin Music Academy

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Taking piano lessons is the best choice for students that enjoy independence and solo-performance. Piano lessons are geared towards the more serious student and require a daily practice routine. Each student follows a customized lesson plan, tailored to the student’s individual strengths, challenges, and interests. Regardless of their musical preferences, the emphasis of instruction for each beginning pianist is on musical literacy.  Achieving this goal will easily set students up for a blossoming relationship with music for the rest of their lives.

As each student progresses, they will be encouraged to participate first in studio recitals, and then, as they mature, in local festivals and competitions.  Public performance is by no means a required component of the program, but it does give each student something to work towards and can provide a great sense of personal accomplishment.

Private piano lessons are weekly and 40 minutes in length.  There are two studio recitals a year: a piano and concert recital. Piano students may have an opportunity to play in both recitals giving them a well-rounded experience.



Beginner Rate:  $30/40 minute lesson

Intermediate Rate:  $45/1 hour lesson

  • Private lessons are taught out of a home studio in South Austin
  • Focus is on building repertoire
  • Exploring musical styles from all major periods of Western Music
  • Introduction to harmony at the keyboard
  • Ear training
  • Sight reading
  • Preparation for graded exams and/or college audition

Adult Lessons:  $45/hour

  • Each adult student designs his/her own customized course of study.
  • Non-traditional keyboard instruction provided in various other genres such as jazz, blues, and rock.
  • Lessons are on a weekly basis
  • Method books may or may not be applicable
  • Recitals are optional