thank you card

Irresistible Thank You Cards

I am so horrible at remembering to have my camera handy to take every memorable moment that happens here at my house and/or the music studio. Most people are glued to their phones and snapping selfies or randoms multiple times a day, but if you know me, I mean really know me then you know that once I walk through my front door it’s like I have turned the world off. Technology is the farthest thing from my mind. I am sure this is because I’m distracted by one thing or another, which I will get into in another blog, but for now I am adding pictures to my business bucket list.

thank you cards

Luckily for me, there are things here at my house that can’t escape me. Even if my attention span short circuits I can still take advantage of the treasures left behind from children that my husband taught music lessons to over the years. Above the desk there are thank you cards pinned to the wall kinda forming a collage of folded paper. If you turn your head cock-eyed it’s nice to read the kind notes that JP’ students wrote him in big and sometimes awkward handwriting. Reading these cards remind me what I signed up for and makes having a home music business worth it… not at all being sarcastic.

thank you cards

The great thing about reading cards, when I actually decide to keep them, is that just like a picture they bring back so many memories. It’s almost like I can actually see the person writing or saying what’s written on the card when I read it. I start thinking about a series of events, time of year, etc. that took place around the time the card was written, which makes reading the cards from time to time a great experience.

thank you cards


Am I the only one that keeps cards? I would love to hear your input.


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