4 Benefits of instruction


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Lesson Development

Lessons at the Franklin Music Academy was developed from over 15 years of experience teaching in both classroom and private settings. We understand the obstacles of teaching so our music classes are crafted to achieve only the best outcome. And it works! We concentrate our services around 4 core benefits that have delighted parents and won over kids since 2010.

Private or Group Lessons

Whether you choose to select private or group music classes for your child is completely up to you. Neither one is better than the other. It really just boils down to the preference of the student and their learning style. Just keep in mind a couple of things.

  1. Private lessons are the most customized service and will automatically place your child on the fast track
  2. Group music classes are designed for students that enjoy learning with others and are great for beginners


Many times a business will maximize their profits by packing a classroom. Not us! As our business grows we don't loose sight of what works. Our group classes hardly ever exceed 4 students giving each child the attention they need.

We designed our music classes to ensure you get return on investment. From our experience, hardly anything can be achieved within 30 minutes, not even a power nap. Class time frames start at 40-minute sessions for both private and group classes. What's better is that our private music lessons  are very competitive, over 10% cheaper than our competitor. Industry standard for private lessons is over $1 per minute.

List of Lessons

We instruct the following:

Group Lessons
4 student per class maximum

40 minute group lesson

No music experience necessary

Learn with friends

Must be at least age 6

Summer Camps
Austin's Best Music Camp

Flat Rate Fee - Registration included

Learn many songs every summer

Try multiple instruments

End session performance

Rock Band

Pick your band members

Play at Austin venues

Impress your peers

Learn from experienced instructors