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Rock Band Lessons

Rock Band
Rock Band Lessons

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Got friends at school that want to start a band? Sign up with the Franklin Music Academy Rock Band program. We will have you rockin’ after the first day of music class.

The only thing better than learning to play an instrument is learning to play side-by-side with your best friend(s). Students learn sometimes together and sometimes apart. Most importantly they will develop faster with our program than anywhere else.

Monthly Tuition: $140/student


• combination singer-songwriter lessons + instrument lessons

• learn with your band

• both individual and group instruction

• learn how to arrange music for rock band instrumentation

• performance instruction and coaching

• at least one live performance per year

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We instruct the following:

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Every first class at the Franklin Music Academy is FREE! If you don’t have an instrument to bring to class, that’s okay. We will let you use ours.

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