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group guitar lessons for kids

Whether you are interested in acoustic guitar music lessons, electric guitar, or ukulele lessons, signing your child up either privately or in a group is great choice. What will accelerate the success of your child in music lessons is how your child likes to learn. Both group and private lessons have advantages.

3 Reasons Group Guitar Music Lessons Are a Great Choice

Group guitar lessons at the Franklin Music Academy are by far the most effective way of getting young beginners to build the confidence they need in order to perform in front of others.

Primary reason, students is group lessons will learn together, practice together, and perform for each other in every class. As a result, your child will feel comfortable about performing on stage.

Secondly, we don't enroll more than four students per each group. This gives your child the attention they need if don't understand.

Lastly, the classes are cheaper than private lessons.

Upon availability, we have beginner group guitar lessons available online for kids ages 6 to 12. Schedule a meeting to find out more about our program.

guitar lessons for kids age 6 to 18


3 Reasons Why Private Guitar Music Lesson Are Best

Alternatively, private lessons have their benefits too. One-on-one lessons with an instructor immediately places the child on the fast track. Kids in private guitar lessons normally learn at a quicker pace than kids in group guitar lessons. Each instruction is tailored to the child's learning ability and taste in music making the lesson a truly customized and fun learning environment.

Consider your child's cognitive ability when enrolling your child in music lessons. We have found that for kids with learning disabilities like ADHD or ADD tend to do better in one-on-one instruction.  Additionally, kids that tend to understand instruction and new concepts easily may be bored of waiting for others to catch-on. Universally, parents have noticed the benefit of personalized attention especially when paired with fun and knowledgeable instructors.


Getting Started

The emphasis throughout the first year of group guitar lessons is on developing the technical facility needed to navigate the fret board.  This is done through introducing basic chord playing right away.  Each student is encouraged to use his/her singing voice as much as possible.  Singing keeps the guitar student on beat, consistent and participating. With a few months of group guitar lessons, each student will be able to sing and play a couple dozen songs utilizing all of the basic open chords on the guitar.  You'll be amazed at how much their singing improves after just a few months of our group guitar lessons.

How Will My Child's Guitar Lessons Progress?

More advanced students learn to read music through playing in an ensemble.  They are assigned parts of an arrangement according to their capabilities and work together with others in the group creating a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.  Just think of middle school orchestra - it's the same concept except a little smaller and everyone's holding a guitar.  Various genres and styles of music are explored ranging from baroque to modern rock. Our recitals allow students the opportunity to play with each other even if they are enrolled in private music lessons.


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