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Music School Safety & New Activities Amid Pandemic

Music school safety in addition to keeping our lessons fun, creative, and inspiring can be challenging, but we’re motivated to make it work and we’re proud of how far our students have come since quarantine. Our Virtual Recital 2020 showcases a video collection of student performances loaded with personalized flair from staff and students.



The virtual recital featured on Facebook was so much fun and we appreciate those of you that participated! We noticed that you as well as your friends and family loved seeing your child perform online in lieu of the cancelled formal recital. A few parents requested that they have access to the video separate from Facebook and that is now possible on YouTube. You will be able to watch the entire recital online or simply click the student’s name in the description to skip around. Thanks again, Luis, for making this possible! A YouTube account is not required.




We’re grateful that we have educators and home school parents in our community willing to share helpful tidbits of information as we continue to fine tune and develop our online lessons. As you know, our music studio peer chart displaying the advancement of students at our music studio can no longer be utilized. It’s important to keep kids excited and document their growth so we will continue to post achievements, highlights, tasks, and activities on Facebook to continue to keep students engaged and motivated. Additionally, we plan on having fun challenges to keep the mood bright. We know that seeing the progress of other students is uplifting so we ask that you share our posts with them if they don’t have an account to help keep them going in isolation.

Featured Facebook Post on 10.5.20

guitar student demonstrates chord changes to Yellow Submarine
guitar student demonstrates chord changes to Yellow Submarine



We are sure by now you are ‘over it’ when you hear anything about the pandemic. The back and forth in how to properly prepare to keep your family healthy and safe for Texas Reopening, work life, child care, social distancing, family activities, vacation, healthcare is confusing. The list is endless and every aspect of our lives is affected.

As a result, individuals Texas-wide are now establishing their own level of safety. However, as a business, we have a responsibility to keep our community safe so we are stepping it up a notch to ensure the safety of our students and instructors. Starting this week, we will be taking the temperature of every student upon arrival. Any child with a temperature over 100.4 will be sent home to quarantine.



We are still proactively sanitizing surfaces and asking students to wash their hands before class begins. We ask that parents continue to make sure that students attend classes with a mask, bandanna, scarf, turtle neck shirt that pulls over their face, etc for added music school safety. At this time, we are only allowing the Music Director, JP, to physically teach out of Franklin Music Academy studio. All other instructors are teaching exclusively online until further notice.


The health and safety of our community is important to us and we appreciate your cooperation in helping us to keep it that way. Everyday we are perfecting our online lessons to make sure that your child is learning and having fun. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding your music lessons. Be safe!

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