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YNN News- Tiarra Girls

YNN News Reports on the Tiarra Girls

YNN News Report

Most 10 to 14-year-olds just dream of fame, unless you are the 12-year-old bassist of the rock band, Korn. However, one band of young sisters are working hard to make their dream come true. The girls keep the interview short and sweet, but share with viewers of YNN News their key to success.

The Tiarra Girls, based out of a South Austin home [Franklin Music Academy], have been playing music together for a couple years, but it was about a year ago when they decided to get serious and form the band. [The back story is that the girls took music lessons at our home based music school for several years up until the Fall of 2016. Eventually, the family’s desire for fame and recognition on a larger scale pushed them to seek opportunities elsewhere.]

Key to Success

They take their music seriously, practicing almost daily and abstaining from the typical fun chased by young girls.

“Once we make it big and play a lot more then we’ll know we made it that far, we’ll know it was all worth it,” bassist Tiffany Baltierra said.

The sisters say they don’t want to focus on one style of music. They want to be well-versed in rock, pop and R&B, hoping the diversity will help them succeed in the long-run.

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