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Parents visiting or who are new to the Franklin Music Academy, may not know that our recitals and events are fun, comfortable, and entertaining... quite different from the stiff and rigid recitals that you may have endured in the past.

Each recital will showcase students performing an array of light classical music, jazz, classic 20th century pop music, and traditional folk songs from around the world.

The vast repertoire performed by the students either in an ensemble or individually, scaled down to a "junior" level, functions as both a source of joy and inspiration for the listening audience, as well as an educational experience for the group's members.

We encourage students and their parents to invite their friends and family to the recitals. Our students work hard to play a number of songs throughout the year and there is no better feeling when everyone shows up to cheer them on.

If your child is new to the Franklin Music Academy and will not be participating in an upcoming recital, we highly encourage you and your child to attend so they know what to expect.



Spring Social Concert Recital

We are hoping to make this an annual event in our community. Our aim is to entertain the residents of Tanglewood Forest and surrounding neighborhoods by providing musical entertainment from our school and encourage interaction between neighbors. We have held private performances at different venues in Austin, but the Spring Social event in the park will be our first public event.

Spring Social concert recital 2017



As the Spring Social event nears, we will have more information on when students of the Franklin Music Academy should arrive for FREE face painting and instrument tuning.

Please feel free to invite guests to 1st Annual Spring Social in the park. Our event can be shared via Facebook and Nextdoor.


Greenbriar Park Pavilion

2811 AftonShire Way


Sunday, April 23rd


Spring Social Event Face Painter

Erica Taylor face painter

Erica Taylor, face painter

recital vendor 4/23/17

Erica Taylor's work

Erica Taylor face painter work

Demonstrated work of Erica Taylor













Erica Taylor does face painting for parties and events and performs artwork on children of all ages. Full face, cheek, butterflies, flowers, eye designs, animals, super heroes, dragons, seasonal designs, and more! Check out her work on facebook or online.


Past Events

piano recital flyer 4/2/17


Blackerby Violin Shop
1111 W Anderson Ln, Austin, TX 78757