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 Austin Private Music Lessons

Private Music Lessons

There are several reasons why private music lessons in Austin are perfect for your child. The possibilities to enjoy a career in music or simply enjoy music as a past-time are endless. Personal one-on-one instruction is always a great way to get the attention you need without distractions. At the Franklin Music Academy, our instructor(s) have experience in customizing lesson plans for your needs in an environment that doesn't feel overwhelming.

Bang for your Buck!

At the Franklin Music Academy, we strive to excel for musical development of each student. Private music lessons offered at our music school are no shorter than 40 minutes. If you compare this duration with our competitors, you will find that we are not only priced competitively, but on average we offer longer classes for less! Most music schools charge at least $1 per minute. Not us!

Transition into Private Music Lessons

You toyed with the notion of transitioning your child into private music lessons, but you're unsure if they'll like it. Maybe enrolling your kiddo into private music lessons is actually your first thought and your child is kicking a fuss. We see these scenarios everyday. Quite honestly, we have more private music students enrolled than students in group lessons. Why?

We truly believe that music instruction should incorporate the right blend of education and fun. This approach has been found to be most effective and has created a love for music in our students that will carry them for a lifetime.

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Every first class at the Franklin Music Academy is FREE! If you don't have an instrument to bring to class, that's okay. We will let you use ours.

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