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group music lessons

Group music lessons in Austin might be the more sensible choice especially if this is your child's first rodeo. Learning has always been more fun when you're learning with others in all capacities. Your child can feed off of others in the group and, of course, your child won't feel like they're under the microscope. When ready, he or she can choose to transition into private lessons.

Group Lesson Perks

If your kid is a beginner and age 6 years old, you should consider signing them up for group lessons. Below is a list of reasons group lessons are encouraged.

  • It’s Cheaper
  • Social Activity
  • Team Building
  • Make New Friends
  • Less Pressure
  • Have Fun Reading Music
  • Learn from Others

The list was taken from the article, 10 Reasons to Choose Group Guitar Lessons. This article was written by Music Director & Co-Founder, JP Ahmad, to better assist you in your selection between private and group lessons.

Class Size

Many times a business will maximize their profits by packing a classroom. Not us! As our business grows we don't loose sight of what works. Our group music lessons hardly ever exceed 4 students giving each child the attention they need.

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Every first class at the Franklin Music Academy is FREE! If you don't have an instrument to bring to class, that's okay. We will let you use ours.

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