Group Music Lessons

group music lessons
Group lessons might be the more sensible choice especially if this is your child's first rodeo. Learning has always been more fun when you're learning with others in all capacities. Your child can feed off of others in the group and, of course, your child won't feel like they're under the microscope. When ready, he/she can switch from group piano lessons into a private lesson. If your kid is a beginner, and especially if they are between the ages of 8-14, you should consider signing them up for group lessons. Below is a list of reasons taken from the article, 10 Reasons to Choose Group Guitar Lessons. This article was written by Music Director, JP Ahmad, to better assist you in your selection between private and group lessons.
  • It’s Cheaper
  • Social Activity
  • Make New Friends
  • Less Pressure
  • Have Fun Reading Music
  • Learn The Basics Faster

40 minute group music lessons

No music experience necessary

Must be at least age 6


40 minute lesson

Group lesson environment

Previous music education required


40 minute private lesson

Band Builder lessons

All piano classes