Austin's Best Little Music School


I came to JP for help in preparing for two important auditions. I am a trained actress and vocalist and have worked with many individuals in this capacity prior to working with JP. My goal in working with JP was to have a highly trained musician provide me with musical accompaniment and direction in achieving the best performance I could. I found this experience to be enriching not only for the two auditions but also has been helpful in my approach to other auditions. I would highly recommend JP to anyone seeking guidance in the areas of musical performance preparation. He is insightful and has a very collaborative teaching approach where I felt he was engaged in all aspects of the performance.

-Aisha Melhem of B*Tru Arts


What a lovely experience for my daughter. I highly recommend the Franklin Music Academy. Affordable and a very friendly environment is what you get. The best result of all is that her confidence has increased tremendously as well as her self esteem level. Thanks to the director of the Franklin Music Academy for his motivational skills towards the students.



JP & Shani are great to work with! I told them about the PSA [Public Service Announcement] I was working on and asked if they could do the jingle for it- they said, “Yes!” They did an awesome job and the jingle they put together for the PSA is fun! Thanks!

-Maureen Haskell


Faith has loved coming to her music lessons with JP. Incorporating voice and guitar is just perfect for her!

-Faith’s Mom


It has been over a year and JP continues to make learning music and engaging. Both my 9-year-old and 6-year-old love music and have made lots of progress.

-Paul & Amber


As Parents we want nothing but the best for our children. Over two years ago our youngest (8yrs old) daughter sought out the experienced and very talented JP. She expressed her interest in the acoustic guitar. With no hesitation JP opened a brand new world to her. A few months later her older sisters were more than curious and really wanted to be a part of this. Its been over two years and the Tiarra Sisters are on their way to amazing new experiences. There are truly no words that can express our gratitude and dedication we have to JP and the Franklin Music Academy.

Tiarra Girl’s Parents


My daughter has attended Franklin Music Academy for almost 2 years and she enjoys every lesson. She is challenged and encouraged with music that fits her skill level. I can’t wait for my other daughter to start next year!!

-Rose B.


When my daughter started learning the flute so much focus was on the classical aspects of music. I wished she could learn what a celebration music could be.

When she began playing with JP she found that missing piece. Suddenly, all kinds of music was at her fingertips. Music taught with joy, creativity, and enthusiam. Music lessons are focused on her unique abilities and makes her strive to find herself as a musician. Learning with JP has sharpened her skills and fed her love of music. The Academy has truly opened up my daughter’s world.

-Orquidea, mother of 2


11/21/2011 on Yelp!

Franklin Music Academy is such a wonderful place to take your child for music lessons. While your child is taking lessons, you can enjoy wifi internet access, watch TV, catch up on some reading, etc. It’s really is nice to go somewhere and relax! This is especially important for parent’s that already have a full work day or busy schedules and just dread adding one more thing to it, but the owner’s are super nice and caring and make you feel welcome.

The director has experience with an array of instruments including drums, guitar, piano and clarinet (to name a few). The director’s private music lesson methods are very effective and I have seen improvement in all the kids at this academy, even if they had no previous history with music.

The price of the classes at the academy are very reasonable and with the service you get makes it priceless!

-Delighted Parent


Franklin Music has been a wonderful experience for my daughter. The variety of music challenges her technically. Playing in an ensemble also creates a level of growth I did not see in her traditional piano classes.

-Charlie L.


We have watched our son grow from a little boy who enjoyed humming into a fine young musician all due to the hard work and dedication of Mr. Ahmad. We can’t say enough good things about our experience with Franklin Music Academy. We’ve been part of this family for 2 years and look forward to many more.

-Elena P.