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annual music community event starring kids

2018 Recital Season

2018 Events Big plans for 2018 Recital Season itinerary. This year we have planned 3 events: 2 Piano Recitals for our upper and lower level pianists and 1 community concert recital. Not every student will be playing in both the concert and piano recitals, but many will. Please make sure […]


Acquisition – This Month We March On

This month we focus on our march onward to wonderful opportunities and uncharted territory. We are pleased to announce Movin’ N’ Groovin’ (MNG) Summer Camp’s acquisition by the Franklin Music Academy effective Summer 2017. As of that date, MnG is officially conducting business as Franklin Music Academy. Reason for Acquisition […]

piano keys

How to Memorize Piano Keys

It’s your new piano student’s first lesson and they need to memorize piano keys.  Thinking about how to get your piano student to learn the keys is crucially important, but once mastered they will be well on their way to the fun part – playing music. The next 5 steps, taught […]


Classroom Experience Promotes Business

The idea for the Franklin Music Academy came from a classroom experience I had in the year 2010 teaching my fifth grade elementary music class.  That Spring we were preparing for a big concert featuring music from the Beatles. One student had taken guitar lessons and was able to play […]

playing the piano

Learning to Play Piano vs Playing the Piano

Intrinsic Motivation and Learning to Play Piano   When somebody comes to take piano lessons, you have to understand that they have never had the experience of learning to play piano before.  A lot of times the reason they show up is because of the prompting from healthy social cues […]

Intrinsic Motivation and its Misappropriation

Intrinsic Motivation and Social Approval Some theorists and writers in the field of child development assert that social approval works against children experiencing an intrinsic joy from an activity that’s truly an end-in-itself.  The argument typically goes like this:  If you offer an external reward to a child for the […]