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Was playing the piano for 12 years worth it?

Audrey’s Testimonial: Master the Art of Playing the Piano

We are delighted and grateful to have Audrey as our longest-standing piano student. We interviewed her on her final lessons with us as she has graduated from high school and attending college out-of-state. She was one of the very first students when we started our Austin, Texas home-based music school in 2010, and her commitment and progress have brought us immense joy. Audrey’s musical journey is a source of inspiration, showcasing the transformative power of dedication and hard work. We hope her story motivates others to embrace their own musical aspirations and embark on their own unique path of musical growth and fulfillment.

Audrey describes how playing the piano changed her life

Why did you start playing the piano or taking piano lessons?

I was really interested in music [and playing the piano] when I was little I think. A lot of it was [steamed from] seeing live performances. I mean, we would go to church when we were little and I would see people play on stage and I would follow the beats to the song and the rhythm. I’ve listened to songs on the radio and I was traveling with my mom and I specifically remember hearing a lot of like the piano solos and Adele songs and thinking like oh I want to play that.
I don’t know I guess whenever I was just alone I just kind of pretended I was playing the piano. I think my mom just kind of noticed it. She’s the one that kind of pushed me to start taking the lessons because I couldn’t really say, “You know I want to go and take lessons with somebody” because I didn’t really know where to start. I would say it was kind of a little bit of my idea, but it was a lot of my mom pushing me and encouraging me to do that.

You have an older brother. Did he play any instruments?

My older brother played no instruments. Actually… I’m trying to think. When I was younger he didn’t really play anything.


Explain some of the emotions you felt during your first year of music lessons?

I remember I was really nervous, at first, and I was really scared to go into my first piano lesson. I think I was in the car outside of JP’s house and I was just freaking out telling my mom I didn’t want to go inside, but after a while I really got more comfortable with it because whenever JP would teach me [there] would be a lot of fun activities. It wouldn’t really be [a lot of] sitting down [with him] saying you have to do this and this. It was really interactive. I remember I would take group lessons too when I was younger and so I would always have someone with me there too and that made it a lot more easier for my first year learning.



How important was it to experience success early-on in your piano playing?

Person playing the piano with focused expression and passion

When did you realize that playing the piano was going to be an important part of your life?

Well, I remember during the Summers, I think it was like one or two summers, I went to help JP with the music camp and I remember when we were teaching the [younger] kids how to play a song on the on the piano for a performance that we’re going to be doing at the towards the end of the [summer] camp. I remember when the kids would see me play or like when I would help them they would always tell me, “oh you’re so good, you’re so good, we want to be like like you.” That just kind of told me, you know, I shouldn’t stop playing because I feel like I’m passing this on to other people and sharing my music with others and that kind of is just like a really like a pivotal moment because I was just thinking I don’t ever want to stop playing.

What accomplishments as a pianist are you most proud of so far?

What does the future hold for Audrey as a pianist?

Is there anything else you want to say?

Take lessons with JP.


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