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Finding the Perfect Music School


Investing in music lessons for your child might seem very overwhelming. As you start researching the few dozen schools available in town, they all promise to be the best in your quest to finding the perfect music school. You’re smart enough to know all the positives of enrolling your child in music. Experts argue that music is more than just entertaining. Music promotes brain activity enabling your child to be intellectually competitive. Others suggest that simply engaging your child in a worthwhile activity overtime instills discipline and makes your child well-rounded. Knowing this inspires you to start searching for a music school, but more importantly, how do you narrow your search in finding the right fit?


Before the Hunt

Building skill sets for your child doesn’t magically start at age six.  There are lots of things you should be doing with your little one before paying for music lessons. The acceleration of a child’s growth and development early on largely depends on a parent’s commitment to engage and teach their child at home. Engaging in fun music-infused activities with your baby or toddler will develop cognitive, kinesthetic, and communication skills years before the classroom, according to the popular online blog site for mom, MomLovesBest.  “Exposure to music at home will pique the child’s interest and help parents determine if music lessons should even be considered an option.” If you already do this then you’re golden! Singing, dancing, and playing music at bedtime are simple elements that make a huge difference before gradually introducing age appropriate instruments.


Hardcore Facts

There are many important factors that you must consider while searching for the perfect music school and your best resources are literally staring you in the face. Begin your search with asking for testimonies from friends, family, and your school music teacher. As typical as this may sound, they can be an invaluable resource and provide an inside look behind all the bells and whistles you see in online advertisements. What company doesn’t talk themselves up? Most of the students that we acquired at the Franklin Music Academy came from parent referrals. While chatting-it-up with folks on your go-to list, ask questions regarding music education methods, instructor credentials, and policies. If you’re new to town, don’t worry. Check out social sites like Nextdoor that give you instant reviews from your neighbors when you post an inquiry.


Be prepared

Before you talk to a music instructor, be prepared with useful information about expectations and your child’s abilities and learning style. This helps the instructor customize lesson planning for the private lesson. Not every music school has the ability to customize music lessons. Always ask if they can.

If you have found a school that pleases you then it is the responsibility of the instructor to tell you if and when adjustments are needed in their lesson plans to achieve a goal. If this is needed then it shouldn’t come as a surprise. You may need to assess your expectations as your child gets older. The instructor should keep you informed about your child’s musical progression through homework assignments and classroom performance.



Depending on the music school you choose, there could be a sizable difference in your child’s work load. With attending a highly recognized music school expect rigorous take-home practice requirements, rehearsals, and performances to be demanding. Some kids may need more or less practice time than others. Time management is a skill that helps your child juggle all their activities and will come in handy in adulthood. Your child will need your support to ensure they develop musically and manage time wisely. Before adding music lessons to your weekly agenda, take a look at all of the obligations you and your child have. Does it make sense adding an activity that will require frequent practice? Before hitting the eject button, wait! Not all music schools are equal. While some schools are very competitive others focus on playing music for enjoyment.


No surprises

Performances and recitals are a wonderful way to gauge if music lessons are paying off. At last, you can properly justify all your high tech toys and put them to good use. Trust me, you’ll wanna see your little angel perform once they have made noticeable progress. Stage freight might bring your child a little anxiety before the recital, but this will soon disappear after they participate a few times.  Before selecting the perfect music school, inquire about registration and performance fees, associated rates for products and services, and music studio schedules. It’s our practice to not charge a recital fee if you are a paying customer. Enrolling your child in music lessons to later abruptly quit due to poor planning is an avoidable circumstance. You’ll be happier you made all the right decisions by asking the right questions, assessing your family schedule, and budgeting funds.


The article, Finding the Perfect Music School, doesn’t cover every related issue to searching for a music school and should act only as an aid. Below, we have provided resourceful links to help clarify any additional questions you may have or you can Contact us.



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