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2018 Summer Music Camp

Summer Music Camp Highlights

Our summer music camp is always a fun time for kids of varying music ability to bond and jam out with peers. It’s also a fab opportunity for kids with lots of music experience to become a remodel as Junior Camp Coordinators. Our summer camp are for kids ages 6 to 12, but the student leadership opportunities are for skilled music students up to age 18. Before camp starts each year, we require our instructors and leadership team to meet for orientation for a day or so to go over lesson planning, itinerary, and responsibilities.


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Summer Camp Opportunities

This summer we were fortunate to have two very accomplished young musicians help out. Of the two musicians, one of our very own pianists joined us for the 1st time. We also had a very talented AISD high school musician assist us that proclaims she plays nearly 20 instruments! Incredible! Consequently, they both did a great job. The campers responded very well to their instruction.


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Summer Camp Activities

The Franklin Music Academy summer camp is a week long discovery through music and movement for all musical skill levels. Every year, we intentionally change the songs and activities to ensure that each summer is a new experience. As a result, students that attend our camp from previous summers will have a great time. Getting active and breaking up the day with fun activities has been proven to increase our success rate and retention. We incorporate games like ‘beat master’, which is a follow-the-leader learning game, to enhance the lessons taught throughout the day.

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Summer Camp Updates

This year we changed things up a little and had to move our summer music camp to South Austin. It was a nice opportunity to serve families in our immediate area near the home studio. For the 2nd year, Music Director and Co-founder, JP Ahmad, currently teaches the guitar program at Parkside Community School. The 2019 Summer Music Camp will be located on their beautiful and outdoorsy Montessori school campus.

We look forward to next summer working more closely with Parkside, extending our leadership program to young musicians, and offering a stellar music summer camp to interested students.

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