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SXSW 2015: Tiarra Girls take 2nd Place

The Austin Chronicle music poll honors the local music community, recognizing Austin artists who have made an impact in recording and performance. The sister band, Tiarra Girls, was nominated for The Austin Chronicle’s Best Performing Band U18 (under 18-years-old) music poll 2014-2015. The winner gains exposure in the music industry and a laundry list of perks. An anticipated announcement of the winner was made during SXSW at the 33rd annual Austin Music Awards 2015.

To be selected for nomination as Best Performing Band amongst the rock trio, Residual Kid, was both exciting and overwhelming for the girls. Residual Kid was awarded top band at the Austin Music Award 2013. The following year, the band signed a record deal with Warner Bros. affiliate, Sire Records, in November 2014. No pressure!

For a month, the bands competed for the top spot starting in early January. With a fan base of 2100+ likes and climbing on Facebook alone, the Tiarra Girls took to social media and asked for support through voting, which could be done from anywhere in the world.

Self-promoting a band must feel like adding on a full-time job to an already rigorous school schedule. It seems with the Tiarra Girls, nothing is impossible. All 3 girls attend Ann Richards School for Young Girls, which is one of America’s most challenging high schools, according to the Washington Post.

On Wednesday, March 2015, the much anticipated award was finally received. The poll ended on February 4th, but the contestants had to wait more than a month to attend the Austin Music Awards. As hopeful as the girls were, the award didn’t go to the Tiarra Girls. Residual Kids won again, but the Tiarra Girls were close behind and ranked within the top 5 as Runner Ups in 2nd place!

Excited about their achievement, the girls thanked their fans and expressed their gratitude.

“Thanks to all who voted for us. We are extremely thankful and honored. We will continue to be a voice for those who can’t be one for themselves and encourage others to follow their dreams. To all the other hard working bands out there. We will play together in years to come. Stay positive and keep music alive. Much love everyone. ‪#‎sxsw‬ ‪#‎music‬ ‪#‎austinchronicle‬ ‪#‎sisterband‬ ‪#‎songwriters‬ ‪#‎bass‬ ‪#‎drums‬ ‪#‎guitar‬ ‪#‎Under18band‬

So will the girls compete again for the #1 spot again, if nominated? Without hesitation, the girls agree that they would “for the simple fact of showing others that you simply never give up on your passion.”

Best Performing Band U18: Residual Kid

U18: Residual Kid

Runners Up
2. Tiarra Girls
3. Annie & Kate
4. Peterson Brothers
5. 24-7


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