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How Music Education Benefits Kids During the Pandemic


boy playing guitar while girls listens happily music education benefits kidsWith no end to the pandemic in sight, parents in Austin and around the country are looking into alternative schooling options for their children this fall. From homeschooling to learning pods to remote education programs, many families are finding themselves faced with a myriad of educational options for their kids that they’ve never considered before, and the choices aren’t always easy. 


Luckily, the decision whether to enroll kids in safe and thoughtful music lessons this Fall is a simple one. During normal circumstances, music education is proven to deliver a phenomenal array of benefits to kids. But during these uncertain times, something as simple as learning an instrument or how to write songs for the first time can be a lifeline for children.


Music education is more important now more than ever


Many adults are understandably having a difficult time coping with the unprecedented impacts of Covid-19. People are dealing with the loss of a loved ones, being out of work, or getting sick. But with all the chaos and uncertainty we’re experiencing, it can be easy to forget just how difficult of a time our kids are having.


There’s no avoiding it. Children tend to take on the anxieties that their parents are feeling in profound and magnified ways. And while adults are certainly suffering from social distancing measures and the closures of restaurants, bars, and recreational outlets, imagine how hard it would be to lose your entire summer as a child. Kids are listless and desperate for things to feel hopeful and excited about right now. Music education benefits kids in ways that can help their happiness and well-being. 

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Music is an endlessly rewarding, exciting, and magical pursuit for kids. Whether it’s learning how to play an instrument for the first time or developing the skills needed to sing and play their favorite songs, music education can deliver genuine hope and creative freedom to kids during the pandemic.


Nothing makes being stuck at home and kept away from friends easy. However, the extra time kids are spending at home is ideal for applying themselves to music and developing skills that can benefit them for the rest of their lives.


How music education benefits kids during all times, not just during the pandemic


Music is proven to be one of the most beneficial and cost-effective supplemental educational activities for children. According to PBS, kids who learn music experience a host of important social, educational, cognitive, and creative benefits that non musical kids don’t. 

PBS music education benefits kids
Results for Music Education Benefits Kids PBS


How music education benefits kids


  • Enhanced academic performance in non-musical subjects
  • Increased spatial-temporal skills
  • Boosts language development
  • Better test scores
  • Improves creativity creative expression
  • Introduces and reinforces important social skills like listening and collaboration



How music lessons can fit into any educational format this Fall 


Whether you’re planning on a season of at-home micro school, home school, or conventional in-person classes for your child this fall, safe music instruction can easily fit within your plans. Franklin Music Academy offers online music lessons as well as safe in-person instruction designed to fit your budget, schedule, and child’s unique interests.


We know firsthand how music education benefits kids because we see it every day. For years, many parents have trusted our expertise.


Group music lessons are a phenomenal way to round out a pandemic pod learning experience by adding fun to your child’s weekly routine. In this music education format, kids learn from an expert instructor as well as their peers, and they’re perfect for social learners.


In private online and in-person lessons, Franklin Music Academy offers instruction for how to play guitar, piano, drums, keyboard, and even expert guidance on how kids can write, record, and produce music from home. Every kid can benefit from the fun, excitement, and personalized attention that private music lessons deliver.


Our world is more complicated than ever. Music is an easy choice.


Learn more about our lessons and discover how music education benefits kids.  


How Franklin Music Academy is prioritizing safe in-person music lessons during the pandemic


While music is profoundly meaningful to us, we know we have a big responsibility. Nothing is more important to us than the safety of the families we work with and our staff. To ensure safe in-person music education, our instructors and kids must follow a strict set of Daily Pandemic Safety Procedures. We’re committed to keeping our kids safe and staff safe. See our guidelines below:


child washing hands at the sink


Daily Pandemic Safety Procedures

  • Students and instructors are asked to wear a face shield during lessons, if applicable
  • No physical greetings
  • Seats, piano keys, tables, and doorknobs are sanitized
  • Our staff is trained in thorough and frequent hand-washing: fronts, backs, wrists, between fingers with soap and water for at least twenty seconds each time
  • Twenty-second hand washing is required for every student before lessons 
  • Employees have been instructed to never come to work if they experience fever or any COVID-19 symptoms. We ask at this time that students and families do the same 


More about Franklin Music Academy 


franklin music academy google searchFMA was founded after educator JP Ahmad saw how much the kids in his fifth grade class enjoyed performing Beatles songs. Word quickly spread around Austin about the school, and its curriculum quickly expanded to offer new programs, instructors, and instruments. The academy is now seen as a staple in Austin’s music education community. We’re proud to offer lessons on a variety of instruments for students of all ages and musical backgrounds. 

We’re here for your kids during this tough time. Music can help.


To learn more, fill out this contact form and we’ll be in touch!


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